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I'm looking for:love, woman 



Marital status:Divorced 

Education:University Graduate 

Occupation:Self employed/Freelancer 

Region / City: 

Country of residence:USA 

I am in US:Over three years 

I plan to stay in US:Let's see what life will offer 

In my own words:

My life never seems boring or dull. I travel a great deal, both for business and for pleasure. I am certainly not conservative in the least, but when it comes to love and relationships, I am a very traditionally thinking man. I believe in LOVE, in family, in the long term. I believe that like in any successful organization there must be a hierarchy also within the family; the manīs role is the leader. I am a lot of fun in spite of my rather serious demands, am known for my great sense of humor. I enjoy time spent with a large circle of good friends from all across the globe. Lastly: I am an eternal optimist.