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Oceń profilOcena: 10    Głosów: 3


Szuka:miłości, mężczyzn 

Wiek:37 lat 

Znak zodiaku:Rak 

Stan cywilny:Panna 


Zawód:Nauczyciel/pracownik naukowy 

Region / miasto: 

Kraj zamieszkania:USA 

Jestem w USA:Ponad rok 

Planuje zostać w USA:Chcę zobaczyć co życie przyniesie 

Własnymi słowami:

I am independent,loving, honest,caring, faithful woman who has my own busy life I am a woman of substance and presence, wise, open and kind, family is important to me,I am grounded and fun loving even though i had lost both parents when i was 4. I have the ability to create around me the life and the things that I want and the things in life we would want together… I want to continuously grow as a person with a strong man by my side to grow with me forever with real love… I would be happiest with an intelligent, sexy, educated,romantic, attractive man whom I can respect, admire, and adore… Intelligence with the ability to really have a conversation about something of substance is non-negotiable…dancing with, make me laugh, tell me the truth and I can make me feel like a real Queen!!