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Szuka:przyjaźni, seksu, miłości, mężczyzn 

Wiek:58 lat 

Znak zodiaku:Byk 

Stan cywilny:Kawaler 



Region / miasto: 

Kraj zamieszkania:USA 

Jestem w USA:Ponad 3 lata 

Planuje zostać w USA:Chcę zobaczyć co życie przyniesie 

Własnymi słowami:

Like many I did the failed marriage thing but with no regrets as I am blessed with three wonderful boys. I cherish being the part time single dad but a man cannot live by the love of his children alone. I'm hoping the relationship gods may grant me someone 'REAL' who would simply like to share the simple pleasures in life, friendship, intelligent conversation, food, wine, movies etc and anything else that may develop.

We all think we know what we want in a partner but I learnt a long time ago that some of the most wonderful people in my life have snuck in under the radar in a guise that I would never have thought was for me. Thus I have found that it is far better to identify the few things I'm reluctant to accept in a partner, rather than kid myself with a long wish list of my perfect match. That leaves my door open to virtually anyone from any walk of life. So don't be shy if something in your soul tells you this may be worth a look. Whilst I am getting older, few ever put me over