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Wiek:52 lat 

Znak zodiaku:Koziorożec 

Stan cywilny:Kawaler 



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Kraj zamieszkania:USA 

Jestem w USA:Ponad 3 lata 

Planuje zostać w USA:Mieszkam tu na stałe 

Własnymi słowami:

I am affectionate, confident, and kind with a great sense of humor. I am very independent, but still enjoy a woman who believes in me opening doors and pulling out chairs.What do I want in a great (but not perfect) match? Kindness, honest communication, a sense of humor and lots of affection. I find intelligence very attractive and I believe that who we are is more important than what we can do. You will have your hobbies and I will have mine. It is important to find some common ground and share hobbies, but it's more important to me to learn about you as a person. One day we will not be able to climb Mt. Everest and jump out of airplanes!:-), so knowing and
understanding each other, and being able to be together is what it's really all about!
I do have a serious side. In a world where kindness, honesty and doing the right thing seem to have taken a back seat, I am proud to report that I am still sitting in the front. These values are very important to me and I would like to find som