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Szuka:przyjaźni, miłości 

Wiek:51 lat 

Znak zodiaku:Wodnik 

Stan cywilny: 



Region / miasto:Michigan 

Kraj zamieszkania:USA 

Jestem w USA:Ponad 3 lata 

Planuje zostać w USA:Mieszkam tu na stałe 

Własnymi słowami:

I learned a lot from my past relationships,and I know that they require some effort(if there is no effort there is no desire).Love is a precious thing,and as such,needs compassion,affection,caring,communication,understanding .We are all longing for it,dreaming about it,just sometimes fail to recognize it when it appears,to often loose patience,and desire to care for it.Most of the times,is because we tend to take it for granted,and our ego prevents as from seeing the needs of other person.A little compassion goes a long way.Our hearts are fragile no matter how tough we look on the outside,and they need to be handle with care!!!!
"inna niz wszystkie"